The Collective Access educates all youth in the art of networking. In the digital age, connectivity is often mistaken for connectedness. Our organization bridges the gaps between these two concepts. Connectivity refers to the seemingly limitless ability to connect, or at least feel connected, via the digital technologies and social media platforms. Connectivity refers to to the feeling of belonging, to people and groups. We believe that connectedness is more important now than ever. 

To do this, we teach kids how to network in person, shake their hands, smile, make eye contact, and build relationships that builds their network so that they can better pursue all of their dreams and goals. Networking creates opportunities of mentorship and access to knowledge and resources. 

As a 501 (3) (c) nonprofit organization, we rely on private donations, corporate and individual sponsorship, and grants. Help us help the youth and promote the value of professionalization and networking in San Diego's youth. We have five different sponsorship packages for you to chose from. Thank you for your help!

1 in 3 young people grow up without a mentor

With a Mentor, youth are more likely to ...

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