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TCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Diego, We began as a collective of young professionals who wanted to pass on the tools and lessons from the generations before us to the generations after us. We envisioned ourselves as the bridge that could help transport and transfer valuable knowledge in a fast-paced and fast-changing digital era. There is a recognition within each member and volunteer of TCA that we wouldn’t be successful and chasing our own dreams without mentorship in the professional realm. And so we decided to pull our own network together to leverage our success into a platform and resource to empower San Diego’s youth.

As we began forming our vision, we realized that the one thing we all had in common is that networking has been one of the most valuable tools in our own lives. We realized, too, that networking skills are almost completely absent from school curriculum. Coupled with the rising digital age and the dependency on technology, it is important to highlight the value and importance of personal interactions, lasting relationships, and the tools needed to maintain those relationships.

With everyone becoming increasingly dependent on digital and social technology, TCA works to preserve connectedness as a tool that cannot be replaced by digital connectivity.

Kid Networking:
We currently have 2 Kid Networking programs- one is for students preparing to attend college and the other one is more of an introduction to the basics of networking for younger audiences.

Both programs teach kids that networking is not just about how you can benefit from your network, it is about how you can add value to your network. Always seek opportunities to connect others to resources and opportunities. 

Both programs start with lessons relevant to the age of the audience and are followed by a multi-generational networking event with local professionals.

Advice to parents:

  1. Leading by example is always a great place to start. Introduce your kids to people in your network and help engage them in participating meaningful 2-way conversations.
  2. Think Age-Friendly when explaining the concept of networking. Younger kids may be able to better relate to examples related to sharing toys or taking advantage of school events or resources.
  3. Always highlight the importance of adding value to their network. Find ways to help a friend, teacher, coach, or student they haven't met yet.
  4. Put the phone down! Be present.

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