the Demise of Division


The Collective Access, an organization developed and led by a group of local professionals, is on a mission to teach kids an important tool that isn’t often included in academic curriculum: networking (but, it goes much deeper than that).

Hear me out…

Our members are comprised of diverse upbringings, professional experiences and expertise, educational backgrounds, personalities, cultural influences, religious beliefs, political points of view, and much more.  But, a common ground has been found: one factor that has been most critical to each member’s success and happiness, the ability to build and maintain a network of valuable and meaningful relationships.

With much of the world around us screaming about division, walls, and fears about ideas that are different from their own and becoming more interested in the devices in their hands than the humans around them, the men and women in the Collective Access are dedicated to teaching our youth communities that together, we are all better.

Members of The Collective Access strive to demonstrate that a passion can be turned into a career, an acquaintance can become a mentor, a friend can become a business partner, and a stranger can become a client, and they can decide who and what they want to be, but it will be a heck of a lot better with the support of a network rich in diverse beliefs, experiences, cultural influences, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

This group of do-gooding entrepreneurs, leaders, and dreamers will continue to combat division by demonstrating inclusion, collaboration, and diversity while teaching the next generation the value of relationships and the importance of networking.

Mark our word,

Lance Growth & Keeli Newbry

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