Mike started out his professional career as a Graduate Assistant football coach.  During his time at the University of Kansas helped recruit and develop a team that eventually won the Orange Bowl.  After completing his Master’s degree, he got into real estate finance and opened his own company within a year.  When the mortgage meltdown of 2008 happened Mike converted his team into a loss mitigation company where he architected custom software for the industry.  The company grew to over 70 employees and 1,500 affiliates and was eventually sold to a law firm.  After selling the business and moving to San Diego, Mike now owns and operates a mortgage lending branch of the Bank of England which lends on residential real estate nationwide.  


  • B.S. Sports Management – Slippery Rock University
  • M.S. Sports Administration and Business - University of Kansas

Currently enrolled in the L.E.A.D. Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Currently Mike is working on building his business and graduating from Stanford University.  He is also raising capital for an innovative technology start-up in the finance arena.  Personally his goals are to get more involved in the community and commit more time to personal growth and charity.  


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fitness
  • Technology
  • Digital / Social Marketing
  • Coaching / Mentoring, Competition
  • Personal growth and enlightenment


- Brains without competitive hearts are rudderless.

- There is no substitute for work.
— Vince Lombardi