The Collective Access is creating a movement that engages the generation before us to help the generation behind us.  We are a group of professionals who are dedicated to enriching San Diego through strong business development and community outreach with a focus on helping children expand their minds, opportunities, and dreams.


Relationships - We grow our personal and professional relationships.

Community Engagement - We partner and serve the underserved in our community.

Lifelong Learners - We learn and grow from our collective.

Respect - We respect each other and different perspectives.

Dreams - We champion dreams and create opportunities.



  1. Prospective members must complete this application with up to date resume and submit it to the Membership Committee for review. - Prospective members are encouraged to make a suggested donation of $500

  2. An interview will be scheduled with an officer or Membership Committee member.

  3. The Membership Committee will review your application materials and inform you of your acceptance or non-acceptance.

  4. The Membership Committee will notify the Board.

  5. The Board announces new members at the monthly meeting following acceptance by the Membership Committee.

Please give yourself 15-20 minutes to complete this application. It cannot be saved or modified after it has been submitted.

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