Lance is the Cofounder and CEO of The Collective Access.  His passion for philanthropy was born when someone who believed in him provided him with a scholarship that changed his life.  His vision of changing the world by inspiring and uplifting the youth is what drives this organization.


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  • Juris Doctor: Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • Bachelors Degree Political Science: Tougaloo Mississippi
  • Associates Degree Criminal Justice: Manchester College

Lance Growth, the young visionary with a visceral view of the future and a humble willingness to allow the rest of the world to partake in his future. Lance is known for his tireless effort to shape the world in his image. Since leaving high school, Lance has taken a forceful approach to tackling issues such as safe sex, race, and poverty. Lance started his first company at the age of 19, Safe Guard Condoms, a company that distributed condoms and social health information in the island of St. Lucia, (his native country). Shortly after, Lance focused his attention on the mechanics of government by working on a Federal level as a Compliance Monitor for the State of Connecticut Energy program ARRA (American Recovery And Reinvestment Act), and on a county level as a Community Representative for Council Member Myrtle Cole. During his time in law school, Lance focused his studies in law on property and business contracts. This led him to create Domain Holding, a real estate investment company. This interest in real estate further led him to his current position as the Business Development Manager of Asset Exchange Company. 


On a professional level, Lance is focused on increasing the national presence of his company Asset Exchange Company. On a personal level, Lance expends tremendous energy trying to live up to the strength of his last name; constantly listening to his mentors and peers, always evolving and constantly growing.


Lance has raised thousands of dollars for the Make A Wish Foundation, the Red Cross Susan G. Komen and countless others. When the Trayvon Martin Case irrupted on the national scene, Lance gathered the top legal minds of this law school to discuss the legal doctrine behind the case and attracted a crowd of over 250 people. Currently, he is the founder of the Collective Access. His hope is to unify the strongest members of his generation and create change that will help youth with limited access to opportunity


  • Boxing,
  • Cooking
  • Meeting new people.


Lance was the 2006 silver glove state champion in the light heavyweight division in Connecticut ­ Lance can name the first and last name of every single X­Men character.


A People’s History of United States by Howards Zin, Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield, & Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.


- I want to make a ping in the universe -
- I don’t play an instrument…I play the orchestra -
— Steve Jobs
- No matter how much I elevate I always kiss the ground -
— Big Sean