Degrees/ Educational Achievements:

Kari received her Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice in May 2013 from California State University, Sacramento. In May 2016, she completed the Paralegal program at University of San Diego and received a certificate of completion.

Professional Passion/Path/Achievements

Throughout high school and college, Kari worked as a server in various restaurants. Upon graduation, Kari became a Behavior Therapist for children with Autism for 2 years.  During that time, she helped children reach set goals for education, socialization and independence. After some soul searching, Kari pursued a career as a Paralegal with local law firms focusing on real estate, homeowners associations, and litigation. Recently, she secured a position as a a paralegal at The Coopersmith Law Firm with a focus on complex business litigation. 

Professional and Personal Goals:

Currently she is working to expand Metro Consulting Service into a versatile company with many different areas of focus. Her personal goal is to continue learning and growing as an individual and professional, while giving back to the community in new and innovative ways.

Causes of interest:

  • Mentoring
  • Special needs programs
  • Athletics
  • Business relationships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event planning
  • Social media.

Favorite Quote / Favorite books:

Change is the end result of all true learning.
— Leo Buscaglia

Reason for joining The Collective Access:

The Collective Access is doing amazing things with my home, San Diego. They are providing me a platform to contribute to make a difference in the community, while providing a large support system and network to allow me to grow professionally and personally. I am honored to be surrounded by so many diverse and inspirational people.
— Kari Metroyanis