Graduated from Lees Summit North HS in 2003, Joined the Navy in 2004­2008, worked as an Aviation Mechanic in AIMD on the Reagan, and the Nimitz and on H­60’s with HS­2 Helo squadron.


I love business and everything that encompasses it. I have always been intrigued by people and the reasons they choose to be who they consider themselves to be, I love psychology as well, and studying the different ways we interact with each other. I love physical fitness and the journey of getting to know what your body needs to be the best body it can be. I also love the spiritual aspect of all things as well and am constantly searching for ways to become more in-tune with myself and those in the life I have created.



I plan on continuing to grow our company until we are in a position to find someone to take it over so I can venture into another startup business and continue that cycle until I want to retire and do nothing but have fun and travel for the rest of our lives comfortably. Personal goals include keeping my health at or above where it is now for as long as possible, as well as accumulate as much wealth as possible until money is only a means for me to get anything I want in life.


I will never have a favorite anything. I’d rather try to enjoy everything for what is and not try to put a personal opinionated label on it. I’m not one to say one thing is better than another for there is always someone that holds an opposite opinion and who am I to say my opinion is worth more than anyone else.

Reason for joining The Collective Access: 

I want to be able to make a huge difference in this world and although I myself am amazing and powerful, I can only reach so many people. Although when you are with a group of like minded motivated individuals the possibilities of creating a large positive backed impact drastically increase.